Stand out while standing up to a more sustainable future. Get our special holiday packs designed so you can create the perfect stocking stuffer. Share them all with friends or keep them all for your home! 


Stylish yet practical, our unique accessory combines the bright designs of single-use paper straws with the reusability of stainless-steel materials. Our product won’t fall apart half-way through a drink, and you can sleep soundly knowing that you’re not adding to the plastic problem.


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Holiday Packs

$35.00 Regular Price
$28.00Sale Price

Stainless Steel Drinking Accessory

Our accessory is available in two sizes, Biggie or  Smalls, and comes with a washable b'freely branded carrying case to help you carry it with you every day. 

Biggie (tall & tumblers)

  • 6mm in diameter
  • 200mm in length 
  • Teal, White, Purple

Smalls (cocktails)

  • 6mm in diameter 
  • 125 mm in length 
  • Teal, White, Purple 


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