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SFO airport begins plastic water bottle ban on Aug. 20th

Travelers reviews are mixed. San Fransisco's airport ban on plastic water bottles is only currently for water. Travelers will now be able to buy single use recyclable or reusable aluminum containers and refill them at their nearly 100 refill stations.

The decision to ban plastic water bottles is part of a larger zero waste initiative started back in 2014.

MSN spoke to airport spokesman Doug Yakel, he said

SFO has about 100 hydration stations that dispense free filtered water, and the availability of water that’s been bottled in something besides plastic continues to grow. This trend has yet to make its way to flavored beverages, but we’re hopeful it does in the coming years.

As more and more young people begin to value traveling and experiences, we realize this increases waste because most travel relies on convenience in recreating your home on the road. This includes "travel sized" single use shampoo and conditioner bottles, toothbrushes, single use plastic bags for airport security reasons...that is just before you even get to the airport.

Becoming aware of how much waste we use is the first step to our greater challenge of changing our behaviors. Our consumer habits are built of systems that have rewarded convenience and cheapness. Plastic is cheap. But it takes a little bit of thinking ahead and planning to realize you will actually save money in the long run when you look to use reusable items.

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