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Does bringing more awareness to an issue result in change?

I am sitting here thinking of all the different ways I can bring more awareness to our increasing environmental problems. While searching for inspiration and information I found no shortage of articles, Instagram posts and news articles about our environment. So is awareness really our issue?

Or is all this awareness actually causing more harm than good...?

According to a recent article by the Standford Social reported that when an awareness campaign is not properly executed it carries the following four risks; leads to no action, reaches the wrong audience, creates harm, and worst causes the opposite action and generates “backfire”.

Psychology Today recently reported,

“no matter whether the behavior is desirable or not, it is a common human phenomenon that we tend to fall in line with whatever attitudes and behaviors we perceive to be most common, even if they are not in fact that common”

Rather than spending so much time emphasizing the behavior we’re trying to prevent, making it seem as if we are all extremely wasteful, we need to spend more time understanding and fostering an alternative solution and behavior in it’s place.

After doing all this research on “awareness” I am beginning to realize it is not lack of knowledge that is causing our behaviors to remain mostly the same but lack of viable alternative options.

So here at b'freely I will improve our behaviours and try not to emphasize the bad or negative in our world but help promote the positive and good. Taking the next step in change from awareness and providing a call to action. A viable, stylish and practical solution to some of our current problems. Check out our collection!

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