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Are edible mushrooms a solution to our plastic crisis?

Scientists are hopeful they have found a potential organic solution to our inorganic problem. Discovered in 2012, by students at Yale University this rare species of mushroom found in the amazon is called Pestalotiopsis microspora and could be the answer to our plastic pollution epidemic.

Even if every single person in the world stopped using plastic TODAY we would still have a huge problem on our hands. There is an estimated 8.3 billion tons of plastic waste in the world today and on average only 9% of that is recycled.

Welcome to the stage rare mushroom species it is your time to shine!

Just a girl in a forest, probably looking for mushrooms...though we can't be sure.

This mushroom is capable of surviving on a diet of pure plastic, actually more importantly the main compound polyurethane. Get this, not only does the mushroom consume the plastic but then it converts this inorganic man made material into an organic by product. Oh and it does not require any oxygen. Yes, NO OXYGEN. So these little mushrooms can literally start to consume our landfills from the depths of the pits upwards.

Environmentalists see a future for this species and many others as more studies on the usefulness of different fungi species are being discovered.

However, we cannot continue with our current throw away habits. It's no easy task we all have busy lives. It is up to us to make small changes and begin to become aware of how we use plastic, take note, and make changes accordingly where you can & when you can. Just pick one thing, like maybe a straw? (oh and check out our collection cause we just happen to sell some!)

This is a no shame game! At the end of the day, if millions of people can just switch one plastic use habit we can begin to make a difference.

b'freely my friends!

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